Diversity, dialogue and multiculturalism in America

So, everywhere but in these here United States, Miss World is kind of a big deal.  OK, at least, it’s a big deal in India and Pakistan.

This year, a Berkeley PoliSci grad competed on behalf of her “homeland,” Pakistan.  (According to these guys, I’m too lazy to verify… what am I?  A journalist?)

I really hate stereotypes.  Especially ones that diminish the female intellect.  Particularly ones that conflate beauty and stupidity.

That said, ladies and gentlemen, say hello to Miss Pakistan 2008, Natasha Paracha.


She has to get her earpiece in.  (So her brains don’t leak out).

OK, now you can say hello.

I mean, come on, just because a woman is unrealistically aesthetic, prances around in a bathing suit in front of a panel of judges and dances in an evening gown like a monkey in order to entertain a crowd who only values her on the basis of her physical appearance does not mean she’s not intelligent.*

And just because a woman says “condone” instead of “condemn” TWICE in an interview with CNN when discussing terrorist attacks on a neighboring nation doesn’t mean she’s an idiot.

And just because she keeps calling herself an “ambassador to” Pakistan doesn’t mean she’s stupid.  (Hi, yeah, you’re Miss Pakistan, which would make you a representative to other nations, see?  I know. It’s complicated and hard to remember with you having a COMPLETELY American accent and all.)

And just because she’s a political science major and chooses to diminish completely the rising tensions between two nuclear capable states doesn’t make me want to gouge out her well lined eyes.  (Did you see the eye make up, though?  It was good.)

Being from the “homeland” myself and married to an Indian man, I particularly enjoyed when she rolled her eyes and said that Pakistan and India aren’t enemies.  Did anyone else expect her to say, “Well, like, uh, duh?”

Hey, Miss “Condone”?  Try getting a Pakistani visa for your American kid whose dad is Indian, and then you can talk about friendship and alliances with some degree of credibility.  You know, after the Pakistani visa officer says, “Remind me, American born woman, why should we let your three year old half breed child into our country again?”

Until then, do me a favor and don’t… talk.

More than the “swimsuit” competition, beauty pageants irritate me because they give ditzes like this airtime.

Instead of brilliant women like me.  :-)

Know anyone at CNN?

I’m extremely available.

*OK, so if you’ve ever competed in a beauty pageant, I’m not talking about you.  I once competed in a beauty pageant.  I was 3rd runner up.  Clearly, I have repressed anger issues with the winners. No bathing suits were involved.

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15 Responses to Stupidity: It’s Global

  1. SciFi Dad says:

    I suppose Friday is the day for ranting? ;)

    (Also, please send me an email. I need to reply to your comment at my place.)

  2. NYCWD says:

    On the bright side, at least it appears that she knows South African children know how to read maps.

    I do have to wonder though… if she thinks she is an ambassador to Pakistan… where is she from then? South California?

    I just love beauty pageants for the trainwrecks.

  3. Avitable says:

    Wait – you competed in a beauty pageant and didn’t win? That’s a travesty!

  4. Finn says:

    Here’s my question: Why is CNN talking to a beauty contestant about anything other than makeup tips?

    You have to call CNN and demand equal time!

  5. How did you not win? Clearly, those judges were blind and deaf.

  6. i might know someone at cnn. will see what i can do.

  7. Becky says:

    Her makeup was good. I want to be able to do mine like that:) I can’t believe you didn’t win. There must’ve been a miscount with the votes.

  8. Faiqa says:

    @SciFi Dad: Yes, let’s call it “rant Friday” shall we?

    @NYCWD: Trainwreck is an excellent descriptor.

    @Avitable: Aww, thanks. Wait. What? Is there a joke in there I didn’t get?

    @Finn: It’s a good question.

    @Sheila (Charm School Reject): I think I lost when I was asked in the interview about my most embarassing moment. I said, ” I don’t get embarrassed…” I think they assumed from this answer that I was already too egotistical and didn’t need a beauty pageant title under my belt, as well.
    Plus the girl that won sung something by Whitney Houston, and she *sounded* like Whitney Houston. There’s no competing with “I Will Always Love You.”

    @ hello haha narf: Wow. That sounded a little mafia. I’m impressed.

    @Becky: I don’t think she did her own makeup. That would require some level of critical thinking. See my response to Sheila for my sour grapes story as to why I didn’t win. ;-)

  9. B.E. Earl says:

    I’m sorry did you write something after the video? I may have missed it. ;)

  10. Sybil Law says:

    She’s brilliant! For an idiot.

  11. Slyde says:

    I dont know where you are comming from on this one. She is clearly the most intelligent woman i’ve ever heard in my life :)

  12. Miss Britt says:

    I’m so proud of myself because when she started saying “Pakistanis and Indians” right away I was all “ohhhhh, girl, you didn’t go there! Has no one told you the pea joke?!!?”

    I am so culturally aware. Clearly.

  13. Faiqa says:

    @B.E. Earl: I expected no less of a response from the guy who writes about sexist pizza places.

    @Sybil Law: Queen of the Idiots.

    @Slyde: Let me think… nope, she’s an idiot. Or, at least, she sounds like one.

    @Miss Britt: Clearly. :-)

  14. Mik says:

    Wow, she was the most highly qualified person they could find to speak on the subject?!

    I guess all the other experts were busy. [insert eye rolling smiley here]

  15. Sarcastica says:

    Awesome rant!! Seriously, I hate those kind of women. Don’t they realize you can be beautiful AND smart?

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